Diagnosis FOLLYSIS©.

Advanced diagnosis using FOLLYSIS©

FOLLYSIS© is a specifically designed system which includes an advanced database and state of the art image analysis, dedicated exclusively to providing the best in hair restoration, including treatment, planning, and patient follow up.

FOLLYSIS© was designed by Dr. Zontos and his team at the School of Medicine at the University of Patras. It's a patented system, and it is used by Dr. Zontos during his daily practice. FOLLYSIS© has been presented at two world conferences:

  • 22nd ISHRS Kuala Lumpur, in Malaysia where it received an award for Original Research Work
  • 27th ISHRS Bangkok 2019

Dr. Zontos continuously reinforces the medical team with highly acclaimed collaborators. Dr. James Harris, well known in FUE, has recently joined our research team to improve it further.

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The benefits of FOLLYSIS©

  • Aids the doctor in making timely, accurate, and detailed hair loss diagnosis
  • Records and archives the data for each patient
  • Helps the doctor design a specialized treatment for each patient
  • Calculates hair thickness and changes in hair volume
  • Monitors the patient's progress after the operation
  • Quantifies the results for each patient

FOLLYSIS© and treatment planning.

FOLLYSIS© is an innovative system that uses the most advanced virtual processing techniques to measure important characteristics of both the donor and recipient areas. It determines the surface size and curvature of each subarea, recognizes hairs and follicular units on micro images, and calculates hair/graft density.

FOLLYSIS© is a patient-friendly system and helps the doctor determine:

  • The exact number of hairs that are needed for each recipient area
  • The exact number of grafts to be harvested
  • The optimal transplant distribution in the recipient area
  • The exact surface size of the donor area