Hyaluronic acid (Fillers)

Facial Anti-Aging Treatments

Hyaluronic acid is applied in the clinic for the lift and restoration of the natural facial skin support. Also, it helps sustaining the skin volume that has been reduced due to the natural aging process. Hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide in the connective tissue of the skin. It keeps the skin hydrated and in combination with collagen, they are the basis of a healthy skin.

Gradually over time, the skin produces less hyaluronic acid, which is the result of normal aging process. The skin tissues weaken, and the texture becomes thinner due to the lost elasticity.

Dr. Zontos applies specialized treatments with hyaluronic acid (Fillers), which are the most modern method of anti-aging treatments with natural results. They hydrate the face, enhance the volume of the lips, and restore the contour.

Fillers are an almost painless treatment, extremely safe, as it is a natural product which during its decomposition is replaced by water. It is completely decomposed by our bodies. The materials contain a small amount of anesthetic to avoid any discomfort

They are applied in:

  • The nasal wrinkles
  • Upper lip
  • The smoky wrinkles
  • Upper lip
  • Under the eyes
  • Lower corners of the mouth
  • Cheekbones

Dr. Zontos can also help treat cases of prior failed treatments, by restoring a natural and desirable result.